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In early 2002 I made a transition in my work from a medium-centered and studio-based practice (creating primarily works on paper), to a situation-specific and public-space-focused practice. Since that time I mostly create site-specific and interventionist art projects and processes, that are temporarily inserted and are made for existing public situations, in and beyond the gallery or art world. These are works that seek activation and participation by inclusive and often accidental audiences.

The projects are organized and presented here in reverse chronological order. Per project extra information is given about any subsequent manifestations of that project that might have evolved over time.

My works are typically not fixed or finished objects, like the traditional paintings or sculptures, but are instead situation-based events or processes, that relate to and depend on certain surrounding conditions, and often get some part of their form through audience participation. They cannot be put on view nor experienced in their original form in any place or at any time, any owner might decide to do so. These works cannot be as easily sold or purchased either, although it is possible, under certain conditions.

The representations of my work here on this web site can only serve to clarify my intentions, ideas and memories. They serve as a form of documentation and are only traces and fragments of aspects of the actual work. Ideally the workis experienced live, where it directly can be related to, and contributed to, through some form of 'dialogue'. In a way this is of course always the case with art but in my case the work can often actually change form and is designed to do so through the participation of the audience. The relation between artist and audience has purposely been made more fluid, and has become a central aspect, an essential component in the creation and completion of the work.

On the other hand, in taking notice of this after-the-fact information --while not present at the actual installation or performance-- you still become a participator of some kind, a co-creator of its possible meaning and value, and I thank you for your participation!

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